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Advocacy & Policy Support

Nutrition Connections welcomes the opportunity to connect and collaborate with you to promote and support access to better nutrition for all. Our team of experts works with stakeholders in local, provincial and national organizations every day.

Some examples of our collaborative efforts include supporting mandatory food literacy in schools, advocating for better infrastructure support for healthy eating and better food environments, providing direction on calorie labelling legislation, advocating for the creation of a provincial food strategy, and promoting better ways to deal with food waste.

Our Current Advocacy Initiatives:

  • Coalition for Healthy School Food

    The Ontario Public Health Association (OPHA) and Nutrition Connections (NC) are members of the Coalition for Healthy School Food, a growing network of health, education, and environmental education organizations and school food practitioners from across Canada that are working together to advocate for federal investment in and support for a national school food program. The OPHA and NC endorse the Coalition’s guiding principles that a national school food program be:

    • Universal so that all students within a school can participate in a non-stigmatizing manner
    • Health-promoting by providing vegetables, fruits and other foods that support healthy child development
    • Sustainable financially and in terms of capacity
    • Respectful of local conditions and cultures
    • Connected with local communities to draw on local food resources where possible
    • Comprehensive so the program is integrated with the curriculum and incorporates food literacy, nutrition education, and food skills

    To support the Coalition’s work, the OPHA and NC have written and met with local politicians to discuss how to move forward with a universal, healthy school food program.

Some of Our Past Collaborative Responses:


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