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The State of Healthy Eating and Food Literacy in Ontario

November 20, 2019

Nutrition Connections is working collaboratively with key stakeholders to develop a series of reports that examine the state of healthy eating and food literacy in Ontario. This initiative investigates key players, programs, policies, data, indicators, and research within the food literacy landscape in Ontario.

Our aim is to determine what information exists, what is missing, and what gaps and opportunities exist to advance food literacy programs, policies, and practice. We hope to foster greater collaboration among stakeholders to advocate for and advance food literacy, with the ultimate goal of improving the eating habits and well-being of children and youth in Ontario.

Click below to access the latest reports in the series:

Policies that Influence Food Literacy among Children and Youth in Ontario

Effective Education Strategies to Increase Food and Nutrition Knowledge in Children and Youth (also available in French)

Effective Approaches to Increase Food Skills in Children, Youth, and their Parents

Food Literacy Programming in Ontario: A Focus on Programs Offered to Children, Youth, Parents and Caregivers


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