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2017 Forum Keynote Sessions

3 Keynote Session Recordings: 

Dr. Laura Lachance (University of Toronto/ CAMH) — Why Nutrition Matters for Mental Health)

In this plenary presentation, join Dr. Lachance as she explores what mental health is, why nutrition matters for mental health (and vice versa!) and what the latest science tells us about the impact of nutrition on the brain. You will learn that the secret of good mental health may start at the end of our forks!

Dr. Karen Davison (The University of Hawai`i at Māno/ Center for Global Health) — Nutrition Strategies to Promote Mental Health Across the Life-Cycle

Join Dr. Karen Davison as she highlights current theories and evidence on how Integrating healthy eating, nutrition, and mental health strategies into public health and health promotion policies and programs may promote mental health throughout the life cycle.

Dr. Lynn McIntyre (University of Calgary) — The Food Insecurity and Mental Health Connection

Join Dr. Lynn McIntyre as she covers how a growing body of evidence has pointed to a detrimental association between household food insecurity and mental well-being. This presentation describes this association for a variety of mental health conditions across the lifespan and explores the mechanisms by which household food insecurity might be causal for mental health problems and the bi-directionality of the relationship.


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