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Climate-Friendly Dietetic Practice: How do we get there?

Date: Wednesday March 30th, 2022

In this webinar, we introduce Drawdown Dietetics, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to integrating climate change mitigation strategies into dietetics. Registered dietitians Anneke Hobson and Renita Lam discuss the role of food in climate change, describe their vision for the profession, review key findings from their 2021 survey of dietitians across Canada, and outline their future plans.


Anneke Hobson


Anneke worked as a Public Health Dietitian for 5 years in Kingston, Ontario, and in 2022 left to start her own private practice as The Kiwi RD. She is a co-author of the Board of Health report Diets for a Cool Planet: Healthy, sustainable diets for Toronto.

Renita Lam

Renita is a private practice dietitian in Toronto, Ontario. Her interest in sustainable diets began with a project during her Master’s degree and continues to help her clients with climate-friendly food choices.