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Drawing the line: Ultra-processed foods and Canada’s dietary recommendations

Date: January 19th, 2017

Location: Online

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In 2014, Brazil’s Ministry of Health published the new Brazilian Dietary Guidelines to widespread acclaim from the nutrition and scientific communities. Key among its many noteworthy features is the use of the NOVA system to classify foods according to food processing and the recommendation to avoid ultra-processed foods. Only a few countries have incorporated food processing considerations into their official dietary guidelines. Is it time for Canada to follow suit?

In this webinar, you will learn about the NOVA classification system and new research on the consumption of processed foods in Canada and their impact on diet quality. The implications for Canada’s dietary recommendations will be explored.

Born in Quebec, anthropologist and researcher in nutrition and public health, Jean-Claude Moubarac is an assistant professor at the Department of Nutrition at University of Montreal. His research interests are in food systems, the role of cooking and the impact of food processing on nutrition, health and society, and the behavior of consumers and of food corporations. He was involved in the development of the new Brazilian food guide and has written a report on ultra-processed food purchases and obesity in the Americas for the Pan American Health Organization. His work aims to raise awareness and inform the development of healthy eating interventions and public policies, and reduce the burden of obesity and chronic disease.


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