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Full Package Bundle – All 2017 Forum Sessions

Location: November 9th, 2017

All 2017 Nutrition Resource Centre Forum on Nutrition and Mental Health Sessions (17 sessions total).

View the full conference agenda here.

The full package bundle includes:

  • 3 keynote session recordings:
    • Dr. Laura Lachance — Why Nutrition Matters for Mental Health
    •  Dr. Karen Davison — Nutrition Strategies to Promote Mental Health Across the Life-Cycle
    •  Dr. Lynn McIntyre — The Food Insecurity and Mental Health Connection
  • All 14 plenary session recordings on a variety of topics, including:
    • Promoting mental health in your dietetic practice
    • Promoting food skills (food literacy) and mental health
    • The anti-depressant food score
    • The link between poverty and mental health
    • Diet, dementia and depression
    • Various public health approaches surrounding mental health and nutrition
    • 3 personal stories about healing through food and nutrition
    • And more!!


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