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Refocusing Canada’s Food Guide

Date: March 23rd, 2017

Location: Online

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Since it was first published in 1942, Canada’s food guide has evolved to reflect the latest science and contemporary health challenges. This should be no different for the next version of Eating Well With Canada’s Food Guide. In this webinar, you will learn about suggestions to improve the development process and recommendations in the food guide to promote healthy eating and help address the most pressing health challenge faced by Canadians today: preventing chronic disease and obesity. Evidence both from population dietary intakes and the food environment will be presented as practical examples, in line with Health Canada’s Healthy Eating Strategy.

This webinar is part of the Nutrition Resource Centre’s Eating for the 21st Century, a new webinar series about rethinking Canada’s dietary recommendations in light of current health, social, political and environmental challenges.

Dr. Mary L’Abbé is the Earle W. McHenry Professor and Chair of the Department of Nutritional Sciences, Faculty of Medicine, at the University of Toronto, where she leads a research group on Food and Nutrition Policy for Population Health. Dr. L’Abbé is an expert in public health nutrition, nutrition policy and food and nutrition regulations with a long career in mineral nutrition research. Her research examines the nutritional quality of the Canadian food supply, food intake patterns and consumer research on food choices related to obesity and chronic disease. Dr. L’Abbé is a member of several WHO committees including the Nutrition Guidance Expert Advisory Group on Diet and Health and the Global Coordinating Mechanism for NCD’s. Dr. L’Abbé was co-chair of the Canadian Trans Fat Task Force, led the Trans Fat Monitoring Program and served as Chair and vice-Chair of the Canadian Sodium Working Group. Before joining the University of Toronto, Dr. L’Abbe was the Director of the Bureau of Nutritional Sciences at Health Canada. Dr. L’Abbé holds a PhD in nutrition from McGill University and has authored over 180 peer-reviewed scientific publications, book chapters and government reports.


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