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Sustainability in Dietary Guidelines: A Survey of International Examples

Date: March 2nd, 2017

Location: Online

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Part of Nutrition Resource Centre’s Eating for the 21st Century webinar series, a new webinar series about rethinking Canada’s dietary recommendations in light of current health, social, political and environmental challenges.

This century is a turning point for life on earth. The threats of climate degradation, pollution and waste must be countered by ensuring all human activities and systems, including those related to food, are sustainable. The sustainability – or unsustainability – of food systems can be driven by food choices. Accordingly, understanding the interrelationship between diets, human health and planetary sustainability, and how these interactions can be integrated into dietary recommendations, are crucial to ensuring the well-being of the biosphere and human societies.

In this webinar, we will explore:

  1. What is sustainability?
  2. Aligning dietary guidelines with UN Sustainable Development Goals,
  3. International examples of how sustainability is integrated into dietary guidelines,
  4. And the role of nutrition professionals for ensuring the sustainability of our food system and diets.


Josefa Garzillo is a researcher at the Center for Epidemiological Research in Nutrition and Health (NUPENS-USP), where she collaborated in the development of the Food Guidelines for the Brazilian Population launched in 2014. Since 2004, Josefa has held positions in climate change and sustainability areas, managing carbon credits projects linked to the Clean Development Mechanism of the UN Kyoto Protocol and served as executive director at Ernst & Young, coordinating consultants and auditors’ teams to develop or verify sustainability reports, environmental due diligences and greenhouse gas inventories. She also served as a member of the Commission for Sustainability Studies for Companies (CESE) at the Brazilian Institute of Corporate Governance. Josefa is currently completing a PhD in the Global Health and Sustainability Program at the University of Sao Paulo’s School of Public Health


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