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The Role of Nutrition in My Recovery from Schizophrenia

Date: November 9th, 2017

Sean Miller, an accomplished musician and vocalist, was unable to fully live life for over a decade due to suffering with schizophrenia that began in 1996. For years, Sean searched for answers until he and his wife Doris discovered a new healthy lifestyle and nutrition approach to treatment that ultimately changed their lives. He has since completely recovered and has refocused his life’s passion. Now an advocate for those suffering with mental illness and co-founder of Thrive Mental Health, he is determined to share the information that helped him become symptom and medication-free. Join Sean as he shares his moving personal story and the powerful role of nutrition in his recovery from schizophrenia.

About the presenter:

Sean Miller (Partnership for Recovery Coordinator, CMHA Manitoba; Co-Founder, Thrive Mental Health) is an engaging leader with a penchant for working with health and public systems to create conditions that support mental health recovery and equip people to live meaningful, purpose-filled lives. A long-time drummer and singer, Sean’s early adulthood pursuit of a promising music career was interrupted by a debilitating 15-year struggle with mental illness.  Despite receiving a dismal prognosis with no hope of recovery, Sean, with the help of his wife, Doris, found a holistic, nutritional approach to well-being that completely restored Sean’s health. Since his recovery, Sean has focused his efforts on mental health promotion, education, and advocacy through his work as the Partnership for Recovery Coordinator at the Canadian Mental Health Association and co-founder of Thrive Mental Health. Determined to share a message of hope and resiliency, Sean and Doris have created a documentary that chronicles Sean’s recovery journey entitled, “When the Voices Fell Silent.” Sean knows that supporting the discovery, development, and expression of personal strengths is vital to recovery and the creation of healthy thriving communities.


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