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Provincial and Territorial Guidance Document for the development of Nutrient Criteria for Foods and Beverages in Schools

This technical document was prepared by the Federal, Provincial, Territorial Group on Nutrition Working Group on Improving the Consistency of School Food and Beverage Criteria (Working Group). This document is intended to be a guide to support provinces and territories as they develop and revise their guidelines over time; and to encourage the food industry to develop or reformulate food and beverage to be the healthiest possible. This document also describes the process and background for developing nutrient criteria, rationale for the criteria levels, and provides a comparison spreadsheet of all provincial nutrient criteria and recommendations.

Resource Information


February 18, 2014


Federal, Provincial and Territorial Group on Nutrition working Group


Example/Component, Report, Strategy/Framework


Cafeteria/Canteen, School


Children (4-11), Youth (12-17)


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