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Consultation Services

What We Offer:

We provide customized nutrition consultation services to meet your unique needs. Our team of registered dietitians and public health professionals have proven expertise in a wide range of local to international services related to food, nutrition, health promotion and public health practice.

We are leaders in:

  • Training & Education

    We help your team build knowledge, skills, and self-efficacy through customized webinars, workshops, training (remote or in-person) and the development of diverse resources for you or your practice, including Train the Trainer and Client Resources.

    Learn about of our workshops, webinars and resources here.

  • Resource & Program Development

    We help you develop impactful, comprehensive nutrition-related resources and programs reflective of the most up-to-date evidence and best practices. Some of our past projects have included the assessment of food premise menus, signage, advertisements and promotional flyers to ensure accordance with the provincial legislation or guidelines; direct consultation support to project managers for community-led health initiatives; and the review of nutrition content in maternal, newborn, and early childhood resources for the Best Start Resource Centre.

    Our Services include:
    • Evidence Briefs & Reports
    • Dietary Guidance & Guides
    • Toolkits, Fact Sheets & Case Studies
    • Program Design, Implementation and Evaluation, Adapting Resources To Policy Guidelines, Environmental Scans & Focus Groups
    • Policy Analysis

    Take a look at some of our past reports, case studies, and resources.

  • Knowledge Mobilization

    We work with you to disseminate your research and bridge the gap between knowledge and practice. Our team can help translate your research into a wide range of accessible, consumerfocused resources and tools, including:

    • Toolkits
    • Policy Briefs
    • Fact Sheets
    • Podcasts & Webinars
    • Innovative Knowledge Mobilization Strategies (Digital Stories, Podcasts, Social Media Strategies)
    • Research Grant Proposal Support
    • Applied Research Opportunities

    Visit our Knowledge Mobilization brochure to learn more.

  • Communications & Promotions

    We support your communication efforts through the development of sponsored blog posts, webinars or podcasts, or at one of our many events. We can also promote your events, workshops, job postings, or resources of interest to our over 6,000 highly-engaged network passionate about food, nutrition, and health across Ontario and beyond. Our services include:

    • Promotion To A Wide Network Of Dietitians, Educators & Health Providers
    • Communications Strategy & Content Development
  • Stakeholder Engagement & Networking

    We work with you to bring together a strong and diverse network of stakeholders from research/academia, primary care, community, non-profit, public health, and others. We also offer a variety of services to facilitate stakeholder discussion and engagement. Services include:

    • Webinars & Podcasts
    • Facilitating Learning Sessions
    • Facilitating Networking, Polling, Focus Groups
    • Facilitating Roundtables & Consultation Meetings
  • Applied Research

    Our Services include:

    • Grant Writing
    • Surveys, Focus Groups, Key Informant Interviews, Environmental Scans
    • Secondary Research Syntheses & Report Writing
    • Project Management & Design

    See one of our past scoping reviews.


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