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COVID-19 Resources

Nutrition Connections would like to acknowledge you, our community, many of whom are working on the front lines to care for patients, disseminating public health information and delivering food to those in need. Thank you for all your work!

To better support you, our team has cultivated a list of COVID-19 related resources we think you’ll find helpful during these unusual times:

Food & Nutrition Related COVID-19 Resources

  1. College of Dietitians of Ontario: Pandemic Guide for Registered Dietitians in Ontario (pdf)
  2. Health Canada: Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) and food safety (web link)
  3. Sustain Ontario: Online Food Literacy Resources for Children & Youth (web link)
  4. Sustain Ontario: COVID-19 Updates: Recommendations for Ontario Community Gardens (web link)
  5. National Eating Disorder Information Centre: COVID-19 + ED: FAQs (web link)
  6. Canadian Pediatric Society: Breastfeeding when mothers have suspected or proven COVID-19 (web link)
  7. Diabetes Canada: COVID-19 and diabetes: what do we know? (webinar)
  8. EatrightPro: Providing Nutrition Services via Telehealth During the COVID-19 Pandemic: What RDNs Need to Know (webinar)
  9. PROOF: COVID-19 & Food Insecurity (webinar)

Other Resources

  1. University of Toronto: COVID-19 Resources (web link)
  2. CAMH: Mental Health and the COVID-19 Pandemic (web link)
  3. Nutrition Connections: Getting Kids’ Hands Dirty: Experiential Approaches to Food Education (webinar)

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