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The sleep-hormone connection: Looking at appetite-regulating and stress hormone impacts on weight and food choices

Date: Thursday December 16th from 1-1:45pm EST

Dive into the untapped world of the nutrition-sleep connection. This webinar will give you insight into the critical role sleep plays in the regulation of key hormones that impact our physical and mental health. You will learn about leptin and ghrelin – the appetite regulating hormones, cortisol – the stress hormone, and insulin – the sugar-regulating hormone. Once you understand the basics, we’ll end off with simple sleep hygiene tips to help keep these hormones in-check.


Tziporah (Tzippy) Bernstein

Tziporah Bernstein Nutrition

My name is Tzippy and I am a Registered Dietitian and Certified Diabetes Educator. Over the past 1.5+ years, I worked in the unconventional setting of a sleep clinic. I started to realize the untapped well of knowledge that existed between sleep, nutrition, and other various aspects of health, and am working on becoming the thought-leader of this new and exciting field.


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