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Type 2 Diabetes Prevention Resources

Nutrition Connections is here to support your food and nutrition-related work. We recently published an article titled “Nutrition and Type 2 Diabetes Prevention” in the July 2020 edition of Hospital News. That submission inspired the development of this page as we recognize that our community – many of whom are health intermediaries – could benefit from this ‘one stop shop’ approach to reputable type 2 diabetes prevention resources, such as toolkits, questionnaires, printable resources for clients, videos, and webinars.

Type 2 Diabetes Prevention Resources for Health Intermediaries:

  1. Health Canada: The Canadian diabetes risk questionnaire (web link)
  2. Toronto Diabetes Care Connect: Prevention support (web link)
  3. Canadian Task Force on Preventative Health Care: Diabetes, type 2 – clinician FAQ (pdf)
  4. Cancer Care Ontario & Public Health Ontario: The Burden of Chronic Diseases in Ontario – Key Estimates to Support Efforts in Prevention (pdf)
  5. Diabetes Canada: Clinical practice guidelines chapter 5 reducing the risk of developing diabetes (web link)
  6. LMC Healthcare & Diabetes Canada: Canadian Diabetes Prevention Program (web link)
  7. Nutrition Connections & PARC: Guidelines for implementing promising practices in diabetes prevention (web link)
  8. Nutrition Connections, Ontario Public Health Association and Physical Activity Resource Centre & Ophea: Ontario’s primary care diabetes prevention program (web link)
  9. American Medical Association: Physician and care team engagement presentation tips (pdf)
  10. Centres for Disease Control and Prevention: Diabetes prevention lifestyle change program (pdf)
  11. National Institute for Health and Care Excellence: Behaviour change: individual approaches (web link)
  12. Kahnawake Schools: Diabetes prevention project (web link)
  13. Indigenous Diabetes Health Circle: Printable resources, videos and webinars (web link)