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2021 Annual Forum

Upcoming Forum


We’re hard at work planning our highly anticipated annual Forum. This year, while the format may be different due to COVID-19, Forum benefits — great content, valuable learnings, opportunities to connect with peers — remain the same.

This year our forum will be held over the course of three half days;

  • Thursday January 28, 2021,
  • Thursday February 4, 2021, and
  • Thursday February 11, 2021.

This page will be updated as event details unfold — check back soon for information on what 2021 event opportunities will be available to you.

Those interested in sponsoring Forum events or workshops, or in advertising opportunities via our newsletters, webinars or podcasts, can click here to learn more.

Past Forums

2019 Forum Poster

2019: Healthy and Sustainable Eating: Leading the Shift

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2018 NRC Forum: Unpacking Food Literacy

2018: Unpacking Food Literacy

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NRC 2017 Forum: Should We Mind: Why Nutrition Matters for Mental Health

2017: Should We Mind? Why Nutrition Matters for Mental Health

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2016 Conference: Healthy Eating in Today's Food Environment . . . Is It Possible?

2016: Healthy Eating in Today’s Food Environment . . . is it Possible?

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