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Connected Insider

Our team has been busy working on new ways to better serve you. We are excited to share that our new service named ‘Connected Insider’ has now launched!

Connected Insiders will gain access to expert curated, developed, and packaged content and training opportunities. With several updates being made to our most popular offerings and exciting new products on the way, becoming a member today will help you to get the most out of Nutrition Connections’ content and resources.

There are many benefits for Connected Insiders. This new service by Nutrition Connections will allow you to:

  • Stay in the know with a daily notice alerting you of the top food and nutrition stories,
  • Keep key resources at your fingertips with access to an online searchable Nutrition Resource Library,
  • Gain discounts on our in-house generated resources and reports,
  • Advance your learning through discounted workshops and free online training webinars,
  • Access updated educational tools,
  • And more!

Sign up now for a one-year membership and pay only $60.00! Join in March during Nutrition Month, and receive your first month FREE (1 month added to your 12 month subscription)

Lock in your discounted rate now and start enjoying the benefits of being a Connected Insider today!

What’s included in your membership:

Product or Service Connected InsiderNon-Connected Insider
Monthly Newsletter 
Daily News In Brief    
Booklet Resources  
High resolution PDF
Newly Updated Printed Booklet Resources 
Feeding Your Baby 
Healthy Eating for a Healthy Baby 
✓ Discounted rate of $1.25 each $1.50 each   
Printed Booklet Resources 
Eat Right, Be Active series 
 $0.50 each
Nutrition Resource Library ✓  
Blogs / Podcasts ✓ 
Newly Updated Healthy Eating Toolkit Lessons✓ 20% off$25 each
Healthy Eating Toolkit Bundle of 5 Lesson Plans ✓ 20% off$75 
Exploring Food & Eating Trends Among Ontario Families with Children Report ✓50% off $149 
NC Reports to Influence Public Policy ✓ ✓ 
Other NC Resources Price varies
Live Online Training/Webinars (1 hour Webinars) $25 each
Recorded Webinars ✓ $15 each
Other Online Advocacy/Public Policy Webinars 
Forum/Conference Recordings ✓20-30% off$15-$40
Live Training Workshops (half-day/full-day) ✓20-30% off $50-300

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will our current services (i.e., News In Brief) still be available after Connected Insider launches?

    We have transformed the focus of our current offerings in order to better serve you in your nutrition and food related work. Under this refreshed framework, our team will provide premium-level services to Connected Insider members, with select offerings also available and priced individually.

    We are also pleased to continue offering select complimentary services for all to access in order to continue to support the advancement of knowledge on healthy eating and nutrition, an important component of our charitable mission at OPHA to strengthen the capacity of those who are active in public and community health. Please check the table above for more details. 

  • When can I start logging in as a Connected Insider?

    As soon as you create an account on the Nutrition Connections website and have purchased a Connected Insider subscription, you will immediately gain access to the Connected Insider features of the our website.

    Your account will automatically recognize your active subscription when you log in. When your account is created, be sure to check your emails for an instant email confirming your new password (don’t forget to check your junk mail). This password can be used to log into the site and can also be used to change your password once logged in. If you do not see an email right away, be sure to check your junk mail folder.

  • If there are more than 6 webinars will I be able to access them all?

    Yes. If there are more than 6 webinars held in 2021, Connected Insiders will have the opportunity to attend them all at no cost. 

    Additionally, we will continue to offer complimentary webinars that support our organizational charitable mandate to create public dialogue around issues affecting the public’s health will continue to be offered for free and will not count as the minimum 6 online training webinars per year.  

  • Are there group rates available?

    Yes! We are pleased to offer an additional 15% off for groups of 4 or more signing up together. Please email for more details if you are planning to join as a group.

    You will be asked to provide a list containing the names and email addresses of individuals joining as part of your group in order for us to set up the required group permissions.

  • What will be the price of my subscription when it is time to renew?

    If you have enabled autorenewal for your Connected Insider subscription, it will be set to renew after your year and your bonus months have finished at the rate that you signed up for. Therefore, if you signed up early and locked in an Early Bird rate, this will continue to be your annual rate as long as your membership does not expire. You can change your autorenewal settings as well as cancel or update your payment information at anytime inside your account once logged in.


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