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Nutrition Connections (NC) is your trusted expert for reports on food literacy, nutrition and healthy eating.

Below, we have shared a number of reports, including our series – The State of Food Literacy and Healthy Eating in Ontario.

Exploring Food and Eating Trends among Ontario Families with Children – What do we know?

This new report provides a snapshot of the food and eating trends in Ontario families and how they compare with other families in Canada, including:

  • What families are eating and drinking for meals and snacks 
  • Where and how families are eating and sharing meals 
  • How families are shopping and preparing meals
  • What is driving family food choices 

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Nutrition Connections, housed within the OPHA, is a registered charity. The proceeds from the sale of our resources and services go towards work that promotes public education on nutrition and healthy eating.

Want to learn more about what Nutrition Connections has been up to? Check out our 2020-2021 Impact Report here.


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