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Nutrition and Mental Health (Part 5): The MIND Diet and More with RD Christina Seely

February 14, 2018

In this episode, we continue to explore the link between nutrition and mental health with Christina Seely, a clinical inpatient dietitian at the Parkwood Institute Mental Health Care at St. Joseph’s Hospital in London, Ontario.

Christina gives us a glimpse into what a day on the job is like for a dietitian working with mental health patients. She shares challenges that arise when encouraging people to eat healthy, and why finances are so important for promoting mental health and nutrition. She also discusses the famous “MIND diet” and which foods are best for both preventing and treating mental health conditions.

Christina Seely, RD CDE has been a clinical inpatient dietitian for Parkwood Institute Mental Health Care for over 10 years and was the 2017 recipient of a professional practice award for Excellence in Innovation and Evidence-Based Care from St. Joseph’s Health Care. She is a contributing author to two Dietitians of Canada position papers: “Promoting Mental Health through Healthy Eating and Nutritional Care” and “Addressing Household Food Insecurity in Canada”.

Articles mentioned in this episode:

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