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Applying a Health Literacy Lens to Nutrition Labelling and Communications (sku: 40204)

January 15, 2021


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Nutrition literacy is rooted in the concept of health literacy. Food label reading and related numeracy skills are important components of nutrition literacy. Most Canadians demonstrate some deficits in health literacy which impacts their awareness, understanding, appraisal and use of nutrition information to make their food choices.

Health Canada has recently integrated a health literacy lens into their consumer research (e.g., labelling of Supplemented Foods). The Newest Vital Sign, a health literacy assessment tool using a nutrition label, was recently adapted by Health Canada for use in the Canadian context. This tool is used to ensure that nutrition labelling approaches and other communications meet the needs of all Canadians, in particular those who are disadvantaged by marginal health literacy.

In this webinar, join Elaine De Grandpré and Beth Mansfield, registered dietitians and nutrition literacy experts, as they describe Health Canada’s approach to nutrition labelling and other nutrition communications to meet the needs of Canadians with marginal literacy.


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