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Full Bundle: All 2019 Forum Sessions

January 6, 2020




All the recordings from NC’s 2019 Forum in one bundle for only $60 (total value = $105).


  • Can We Eat Our Way to a Healthy and Sustainable Food System? (Cecilia Rocha)
  • The Food Industry’s Role in Sustainable Eating & Circular Economy (Cher Mereweather)
  • Dietetic Professionals Working for Sustainable Food Systems (Fiona Yeudall & Bridget King)
  • Applying Dietetic Expertise and Skill to Land Use Planning in Peel (Emily St. Aubin & Sandra Fitzpatrick)
  • Understanding Sustainable Food and Farming in Ontario (Ontario Farmer Panel)
  • Food Work at the Intersections Between Health, Equity and Sustainability (Kate Mulligan)
  • Promoting Healthy and Sustainable Diets to Our Audiences (Leslie Beck)