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The Food Industry’s Role in Sustainable Eating & Circular Economy (Cher Mereweather)

December 23, 2019




The Food Industry’s Role in Sustainable Eating & Circular Economy

Cher’s session starts by exploring the societal shifts that will need to take place to support a more sustainable food system. Through this lens she discusses how and why communities and businesses are embracing circular economy concepts to combat environmental priorities like carbon and food waste. Cher then shifts the audience’s focus to the food industry – examining what needs to change within the industry, the influence of dietary guidelines and sustainable development goals, and how food manufacturers are helping consumers shift to more sustainable eating.

About the Presenter:

Cher Mereweather is one of Canada’s leaders in food manufacturing sustainability. As President & CEO of Provision Coalition Inc., Cher works directly with manufacturers to increase revenue, reduce costs and elevate their brands – purposefully. An advocate for change and a passionate spokesperson, Cher has dedicated her career to working with Canadian food processors and manufacturers to ensure this growth is both profitable and sustainable.