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Creating a Sustainable Food Future – A Menu of Solutions to Feed Nearly 10 Billion People by 2050

This synthesis report summarizes the findings of the World Resources Report Creating a Sustainable Food Future. It explores a 22-item “menu for a sustainable food future” which is divided into five courses that could allow the world to achieve a sustainable food future by meeting growing demands for food, without increasing emissions, fueling deforestation or exacerbating poverty. Intensive research and modeling examining the nexus of the food system, economic development, and the environment show why each of the 22 items on the menu is important and quantifies how far each solution can get us.

Resource Information


December 1, 2018


Searchinger T, Waite R, Hanson C, Ranganathan J, Dumas P, Matthews E


Report, Strategy/Framework


Cafeteria/Canteen, Children's Service/Child Care, Community Garden, Community Kitchen, Community-at-large, Farmers Market, Food Bank, Grocery/Retail, Home, Long-term Care, Mobile Vending, Primary Care, Recreation Centre, Restaurant/Food Service Premise, School, Workplace


Prenatal, Infant, Toddler (1-3), Children (4-11), Youth (12-17), Adults (18-64), Older Adults (65 and over)


Food Security & Access to Food, Food Systems & Local Food




Local/Municipal/Regional, Provincial, Provincial (Ontario), Provincial (outside Ontario), National, International


, , , , , , , ,


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