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Early Care and Education Policies and Programs to Support Healthy Eating and Physical Activity: Best Practices and Changes Over Time. Research Review: 2010-2016

The goal of this US-based research review is to provide the most up-to-date information on the impact of changes in policies, systems, and environments aimed at promoting a healthy diet, increasing physical activity, and reducing screen time in young children in the early care and education setting. The review finds that evidence has strengthened over the past five years that obesity prevention interventions involving multiple approaches, coupled with parental engagement, offer the most promising opportunities to improve dietary intake, increase physical activity, and reduce screen time, as well as to change anthropometric outcomes.

Resource Information


December 1, 2017


Fox T, Corbett A, Duffey K


Evidence Summary


Children's Service/Child Care, School


Infant, Toddler (1-3), Children (4-11)


Breastfeeding, Childhood Nutrition, Chronic Disease Prevention, Food Environment, Food Literacy, Food Security & Access to Food, Food Systems & Local Food, Health Equity, Healthy Eating, Nutrients, Physical Activity, Sugar-Sweetened Beverages or Energy Drinks




Local/Municipal/Regional, Provincial, National


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