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NutriSTEP® Implementation Toolkit 2015

Since 2008, NutriSTEP® has been used as a valid and reliable nutrition risk screening tool to assess eating habits and identify nutrition risk in toddlers (18-35 months) and preschoolers (3-5 years) in various settings.

In order to support public health units and other settings (e.g., primary care, school screening fairs, research, etc.), the Nutrition Resource Centre (now Nutrition Connections) provided support for the review and updating of the original NutriSTEP® Implementation Toolkit developed in 2008. The toolkit includes background information about: the NutriSTEP® program; training and support materials; suggested models for NutriSTEP® implementation; guidelines to assist with scoring and interpreting the NutriSTEP® nutrition risk screening questionnaires; and, making referrals. There is also promotional information to build a supportive framework for screening. These toolkit components will help users to implement a feasible and sustainable community nutrition screening program for young children.

The toolkit update included support from Janis Randall Simpson, PhD, RD, FDC and a review committee comprised of Laura Belsito, MAN, RD, Ginette Blake, RD, Shannon Labre, RD, Ellen Lakusiak, MSc, RD, Tracy McDonough, MScA, RD, Katie Neil, MAN, RD, Heather St. Bernard-John, MS, RD, and Mary Turfryer, MHSc, RD.

The NutriSTEP® Implementation Toolkit has been refreshed to include:
–        New components (e.g., Toddler version of NutriSTEP®, Nutri-eSTEP®)
–        New implementation scenarios
–        Updated templates for referral mapping
–        Updated data collection forms
–        Updated training materials
–        Updated promotional materials
–        New appendix for data management
–        Updated resources (How to Build a Healthy Preschooler and How to Build a Healthy Toddler)
The NutriSTEP® Implementation Toolkit is also available in French.

Resource Information


April 4, 2018


Dietitian researchers from University of Guelph and the Sudbury & District Health Unit






Toddler (1-3), Children (4-11)




Provincial (Ontario)


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