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The Navigator

The Navigator is a free online repository of evidence-informed resources and tools designed to help health professionals and community organizations find their way through the complex landscape of healthy eating and nutrition.
Food Systems & Local Food
January 1, 2019
This report describes the current situation in Ontario with respect to local food use and local food literacy in meal and snack programs targeting young children. It also outlines the challenges, barriers and opportunities to support more local food use and local food literacy in child care and student nutrition programs.
Food Literacy
January 1, 2019
The Get Growing Seniors Gardening Program provided opportunities for older adults to discover the outdoors and participate in physical activity through gardening across Peel. The program overcame barriers to gardening faced by older adults in underserved communities by delivering hands-on, high-quality activities. Designed for facilitators who […]
Food Systems & Local Food
October 1, 2018
This factsheet presents Canadian evidence that demonstrates the impacts of Farm to School activities in the following areas: public health, education and learning, environmental outcomes, community connectedness, and economic outcomes.
Food Literacy
June 1, 2018
A step by step guide to planning, implementing, maintaining and evaluating a school garden; with examples of connections to curriculum.
Food Literacy
April 1, 2018
This resource provides tips on how to keep safe and healthy while enjoying the benefits of a school garden.
Health Equity
April 1, 2018
Using indicators and evidence from the literature, the Prevention System Quality Index (PSQI): Health Equity report monitors and recommends system-level policies and programs that can reduce cancer risk factors and exposures in Ontario. It highlights opportunities to reduce tobacco use, alcohol consumption, unhealthy eating and physical inactivity in groups with health inequities.
Food Environment
April 5, 2017
This report describes the lessons learned (i.e, “Pathways to Policy”) from four CLASP projects that focused on creating healthier food environments and increasing healthy eating through the identification of 260 policy changes. The lessons learned from these projects and can inform food environment policy work in jurisdictions across Canada.
Childhood Nutrition
March 17, 2017
This toolkit provides educators and parents with strategies to increase vegetables, fruit and water consumption among school-aged children. Strategies target multiple levels of influence including students’ and parents’ attitudes and knowledge, classroom and school level social and physical environments as well as school policies. This toolkit was designed to support The Foundations for a Healthy School resource.
Food Security & Access to Food
March 1, 2017
This fact sheet summarizes findings from a study using Canadian Community Health Survey data on food insecurity and its relationship with food skills and practices of adults.